TERREMYS was formed in January 2018 from a common vision of its founders regarding the potential of drones in airborne geophysical measurements.
Our experience gained over several years of data acquisition by UAVs and our strong field expertise enable us to meet the most demanding projects.

Resolutely focused on innovation, TERREMYS uses the most efficient technical solutions to reduce project costs and bring a high level of quality to the data collected.
Our multidisciplinary team, where every member is a remote pilot, puts all its talents into ensuring the success of your projects.

Scientific partners


Observatory Physicist

Observatory Physicist at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg (UMR 7516, CNRS and University of Strasbourg), his knowledge is based on twenty years of research.
As a geophysicist, his field of expertise concerns potential methods (gravimetry and magnetism) in theory, measurements, processing, and interpretation.
H-index 17 (Scopus, January 2017), his work to date includes 59 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, 1 book, 1 patent and 142 papers.



Postdoctoral researcher

Contract researcher at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg (UMR7516 CNRS/University of Strasbourg) since 2015, his field of expertise concerns theoretical, methodological and applicative developments in magnetism, with a high-level specialization in archaeological and anthropic applications. His doctoral thesis focused on the application of magnetism in archaeology. To date, his work has included 17 scientific publications, 9 expert reports, and 19 papers.

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